Archivo Blomberg has been operating in the city of Quito, Ecuador, since November 2000. It became  a Cultural Foundation by  Agreement No. 1701 on July 3, 2003, in the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purpose of the Archivo Blomberg Cultural Foundation is to preserve, organize, research and promote the cultural legacy of the Swedish explorer Rolf Blomberg; his wife, the Ecuadorian painter Araceli Gilbert; and the Anglo-Ecuadorian family Robinson Perez.

The purpose of Archivo Blomberg is to contribute to the democratization and activation of cultural assets, and the appraisal of identities in their diversity and in relation to the environment. Its collection holds photographs, documentary short films, works of art, books, magazines, newspaper articles, diaries, travel chronicles, maps, correspondence and personal objects, among others. Archivo Blomberg is a national and international reference for the cultural and natural heritage of Ecuador and the region (with emphasis on Colombia, Peru and Brazil) as well as other regions, such as Africa, Oceania and Europe.

Archivo Blomberg Foundation carries out projects that investigate and reflect on the role of the documentary as a fundamental reference in sustaining a diverse and dynamic identity, such as ours, in an increasingly globalized environment. Driven by the initiative of community organizations and individuals from towns far from the cities, we have undertaken projects that tend to decentralize our cultural activities, with the aim of bringing these assets to communities that normally would not have access to them.

Archivo Blomberg works interdisciplinary: it articulates research and cultural management in areas such as anthropology, history, art and communication. The team is made up of three people; although each of them has a specialized profile, the work is carried out collectively. Marcela Blomberg de Pazmiño: executive director, specialist in languages (Swedish and English), production and public relations. María Inés Armesto: cultural manager, photographer and communicator. Fabián Patinho: researcher, writer specialized in visual anthropology.