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Quito en Zaragoza, photographic exhibit of Quito between 1948 and 1968; part of the multidisciplinary group show Zaragoza Latina, organized by the Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza and Zona de Obras, Spain and Colectivo Central Dogma, Ecuador.


Public access screening "Blomberg Regresa - Sarayacu". Photographic exhibit and free screening of documentary films "Jibaros, a Jungle Tribe" (1965) and “In Canoe to the Land of the Head Hunters” (1936) by Blomberg, at the Amazon community where they where shot, Sarayacu, Prov. de Pastaza.


Group show Rutas del Agua - Miradas de Viajeros, with photographs by Karl Goldschmid, Jorge Juan Anhalzer and Rolf Blomberg. Curated by Archivo Blomberg and Archivo Goldschmid. Production: Archivo Goldschmid and Yaku Parque Museo del Agua, Quito. Audiovisual for the show Rutas del Agua - Miradas de Viajeros, directed by Fabián Patinho. Yaku Parque Museo del Agua, Quito.

Pawkar Raymi, group show with local artists, held at the Centro Cultural del Municipio de Otavalo, organized by Runas Contemporáneos and sponsored by the Cantonal Government of Otavalo. Fine art photography by Blomberg in Imbabura, between 1940 and 1968.


Public access screening "Blomberg Regresa - Quinchuquí" Free screening of documentary film "Pedro, an Indian boy" (1965) by Blomberg at the elementary where it was shot, Escuela Tahuantinsuyo, Prov. de Imbabura.

Ciclo de Videos Imbabureños. Screening of R. Blomberg films at a local festival, organized by Runas Contemporáneos and Viringa Producciones in Otavalo and in Quito.


Blomberg en Hambato. Photographic exhibit on Ecuador (1930-1960) with emphasis on the highland region. Casa Museo Martínez Holguín from the Jardín Histórico Botánico Atocha La Liria. Ambato.

Public access screening "Blomberg Regresa - Jaramijó". Free screening of documentary film "Jaramijó, an Ecuadorian fishermen village" by Blomberg; organizad by Archivo Blomberg and the Cámara Empresarial Juvenil de Jaramijó; screening at the "Jhon & Janhio" ball room in Jaramijó, Prov. de Manabí.

Festival Internacional de Cine Documental EDOC - Encuentros del otro cine/5ta Edición, in Quito and Guayaquil. Ecuadorian premiere of five films by Blomberg: In Canoe to the Land of the Head Hunters (1936); Vikings in the Turtle Islands (1936), The Panama hat, which is not made in Panama (1949), Oil in the Jungle (1949) and Pedro, an Indian Boy (1965).


Blomberg en Ecuador, solo show with photographs by Rolf Blomberg, Ecuador from 1930s to 1960s. Galería El Conteiner; Quito - Ecuador.


Festival Internacional de Cine Documental EDOC - Encuentros del otro cine/3ra Edición. Quito y Guayaquil. Ecuadorian premiere of three films by Rolf Blomberg: Alfredo from Guayaquil (1968); Quito, a city of contrast (1949); Jaramijó, an Ecuadorian Fishermen Village (1951). Corporación Cultural Cinememoria and Archivo Blomberg worked together in the recovery, translation and subtitling of these films.

Muestra Retrospectiva de Documental Ecuatoriano y Sobre el Ecuador. Showing of two documentaries produced by Archivo Blomberg: Araceli, Color and Identity (directed by Fabián Patinho, 2002) and Rolf and the Ecuador (directed by María Inés Armesto, 2002). Cinemateca Distrital de Bogotá, Colombia.

Blomberg, retrospectiva fotográfica en Manabí,
Itinerant exhibit of photographs by R. Blomberg with emphasis on the Province of Manabí, between 1930s and 1960s. Museo del Banco Central - Bahía de Caráquez and Manta; Prov. de Manabí - Ecuador.

Umbrales del Arte en el Ecuador. Permanent exhibit at the Museum of Antrhopology and Contemporary Art, with photographs by Rolf Blomberg and Araceli Gilbert´s silver-smith work. MAAC, Guayaquil.


Quito Histórico, exhibit with photographs by Rolf Blomberg from Quito, between 1940s and 1960s. Corporación Metropolitana de Turismo. Quito, Ecuador.


Through The Eyes of a Swedish Explorer, Fine Art exhibit with photographs by Rolf Blomberg from all around the world. White Room Gallery. Los Angeles, U.S.A.

El Ecuador de Blomberg y Araceli, exhibit of the life and work of Araceli Gilbert and Rolf Blomberg. This exhibit occupied 6 show rooms at the Museo de la Ciudad, in Quito; and was visited by 12000 people. Archivo Blomberg co-produced two documentaries with the museum: Araceli, color e Identidad (directed by Fabián Patinho, 2002) and Rolf y el Ecuador (directed by María Inés Armesto, 2002).

Among the products that may be purchased in Archivo Blomberg are:


Blomberg - Quiteño, Edited by Archivo Blomberg with support of Fonsal, Distrito Metropolitano de Quito, 2010. Quito’s mid 20th century everyday stories, which Blomberg approached through his photographs. (Spanish – English)

Blomberg - Ecuador, by Archivo Blomberg & Editorial Latinweb. Quito - Ecuador 2004; 2nd Edition, 2005. This book of Fine Art photography by R. Blomberg, is a journey through the four regions of Ecuador, between 1930s and 1960s.

Catalogue of the exhibit Blomberg en Ecuador at Galería El Conteiner. Imprenta Hominem, Quito, 2005. This is a selection of photographs by Blomberg in Ecuador, with writings of Ecuadorian photographers on Blomberg´s photographic work.

Catalogue of the exhibit El Ecuador de Blomberg y Araceli, Museo de la Ciudad de Quito, Imprenta Mariscal, Quito, 2002. This catalogue includes the biographies and a selection of the work by Araceli Gilbert and Rolf Blomberg.

Oro enterrado y anacondas, Rolf Blomberg. Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana. Quito - Ecuador, 2002. New edition of the translation of the original book Guld att Hamta, Folket I Bilds Forlag, Stockholm, 1959.

Araceli, by Lenin Oña. Imprenta Mariscal. Quito - Ecuador, 1995. This book is the most complete study of Araceli Gilbert´s life and work.


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